Roundtable Spotlights

Members of the Women’s Roundtable make a collective and powerful difference by joining their gifts with others and by making a commitment to give back to East Carolina University. These women are passionate about the university, its mission, people and programs.

Here, we spotlight a few of these incredible women as they share their ECU memories and experiences, insight into their professions, and just why they became members of the Women’s Roundtable. We invite you to hear their stories and to join them in making a real difference at East Carolina University now and for future generations to come.


Valeria Lassiter ’90

Ann Neville ’66, ’68

Allison Atkins ’52, ’61

Tonya Cockman ’91

Sue Collier ’81, ’91

Deborah Davis ’79, ’83

Gail Herring ’79

Willie Marlowe ’65

Allison Peel ’99

Mary Plybon ’71