About the Women’s Roundtable

Our Mission

Nicole Kloss, Stewart Veneziano, Dr. Rachel Roper, & Kara Blount

To support ECU and, under the leadership of a board of directors, create a culture of giving by focusing its efforts on raising funds for ECU’s Access Scholarship program, building a strong volunteer base of women committed to advancing the university and forming a deeper pool of women to be considered for other leadership roles at ECU.

The Women’s Roundtable fosters a commitment to East Carolina by building a sense of community among women graduates and providing a channel for our alumnae to play an active role in the University. Through leadership, service, networking, mentoring and philanthropy, the Women’s Roundtable recognizes the role women play in shaping the future of the region, the state and the nation.



The Women’s Roundtable is dedicated to funding a solid university education for deserving students who otherwise would be unable to attend college. The Women’s Roundtable has contributed thousands of dollars to Access Scholarships to achieve this goal, building a legacy of student success and educational excellence.


The Women’s Roundtable Book Club

During the Incredible ECU Women Series, a leadership conference held every three years and attended by hundreds of individuals, the Women’s Roundtable recognizes alumnae who make significant contributions in a variety of fields, and have given back to their communities and ECU.


The Women’s Roundtable has forged new bonds with current female students, encouraging them academically and professionally, and establishing relationships that will last a lifetime.


The Women’s Roundtable seeks to raise awareness of women’s leadership opportunities at ECU and has built a deep volunteer pool of alumnae who are now serving the Board of Trustees, the ECU Foundation, the Medical & Health Sciences Foundation, the Board of Visitors and other University organizations.


Michelle Brooks, Sue Collier, & Dr. Nadia Jones

The Women’s Roundtable provides an opportunity for alumnae to connect with the University and each other through regional events held across the country. Activities such as the informative “Inside ECU” program draws women back to the university annually.

Our Bylaws

The current Women’s Roundtable Bylaws may be found here.

Strategic Plan

The current Women’s Roundtable Strategic Plan may be found here.


Women have played a pivotal role in the history of East Carolina University. The Women's Roundtable was founded to ensure current and future alumnae of East Carolina can continue that tradition of legacy and service, transforming their lives and those of the people they meet.
- Janice Faulkner, Founding Chair